GiGi Beach Luxury Kaftan Dresses

GiGi Beach Silk Kaftan Dresses are constructed from sustainable weighty silk crepe with super bright unique designs. The crystals are placed by hand. These quality pieces will last you a lifetime as they can be worn for lots of occasions...not just for the beach!

We will show you how to do it...take a look

  • 100% Silk

    All our fabrics are pure silk and sustainable sourced with meticulous attention to detail. The stones are all set by hand. Free flowing fabric which is comfortable on your skin, which feels so good

  • Luxury Collection

    GiGi Beach Kaftan dresses are like no other, unique enough to show off your personality and practical enough to wear day and night. Beautifully gift wrapped with instructions just for you.

  • So Versatile

    A Kaftan is one of the most essential elements to your wardrobe. These Kaftan dresses can take you from brunch-to-bar and beyond simply and easily, because a kaftan is 'not just for the beach' As the British Summers are getting hotter, you can simply wear this around the house to keep cool, but even better, you can wear it out for cocktails and dinners.

Evening Style

Easily transform your luxury Kaftan Dress into this elegant evening look simply by using the hidden button and fastening it to the concealed hook/bungee, then add a belt and you're ready for cocktails and dinner! Add a pair of fabulous earrings, a heel and some bright lipstick. Don't save your kaftan dress for just holidays, this look can be worn for dinner and cocktails anywhere in the world!

Daytime style

Let this long Kaftan dress be worn as a knee-length day dress easily and quickly. The sleeves will keep the sun off your shoulders and the shorter length is perfect for roaming around (or even Brunch). Tie your hair up, add sunglasses and some sandals and you're ready for the day

Out & About Style

Elevate your style with this stunning silk tunic which can be transformed worn by wearing over leggings or trousers and cinched in with a belt. The longer draped sleeves add a lightness to your daytime look and the belted length means you have and easy breezy style. Grab your tote bag and you're ready for the day

Grecian Style

For a completely different and interesting look, the sleeves can be easily rolled up for your perfect goddess look. This will also create a cape effect at the back with the silk fabric gently falling to full length. Lots of silk crepe to move around in. Add a belt for another look to this versatile Kaftan dress